How to lose weight when you're a complete beginner

Courtney Ley

I've been there wasn't that long ago.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about - when you've decided it's time to change. Change your health, your body...your entire life.

And then it starts....the "yeah but"

Yeah but...I haven't lifted weights before so how do I know if I'm doing it right?

Yeah but...big gyms scare me, maybe I should wait until I'm fitter and have lost some weight to join?

Yeah personal trainer lives on the other side of the world?

Earlier this year Melanie Rigg came to us wanting help.

Her mother had recently passed and Mel made the choice to follow a different path from that day forward.


We had a few obstacles to overcome -
❌ Working out in a big gym was a scary proposition 
❌ She was completely new to weight training 
❌ She had no idea what to eat
❌ Her trainer lived on the other side of the world

Yeah but...the thing is, when someone is truly ready to change and has a strong reason why, any obstacle is quickly dealt with.

✔  Mel has been given a structured training program so every time she walks into the gym she has a purpose

✔ She has been taught how to lift weights properly by her trainer without face-to-face training - Mel is in Chicago, USA while we're in Melbourne, Australia

✔ Through our Weight Loss Podcast Academy she has been learning and implementing how to eat and supplement in accordance to her goals, tastes and lifestyle

The photos don't lie - Mel has been gradually overcoming her "yeah but"'s from day 1.

Yes, it's scary.

Yes, there will be days where you want to go and hide somewhere.

Yes, you'll have to leave your comfort zone if you want to change your life.

Yeah will be worth it.


Court xx

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