How to get in the best shape of your NOT being "perfect"

Courtney Ley

It’s time for some inspiration.

And this week I’m inspired by Jodie!


Jodie started her journey 9 Months ago, with the goal of improvement.

Improvement in her fitness and in the way, she looks.

When Jodie started getting serious with her goals she realised she was very unhappy. Unhappy with her fitness levels, being a former dancer. Also, Jodie was very unhappy with her body shape.

So Jodie started with the basics. She started with cardio training, to ensure she could develop a routine.

Then once a habit of exercise had developed, we added weights training - which is the single best way to change your body shape.

Jodie had never lifted weights before in her life, and until she met us never thought she needed to.

Jodie was not with her fair share of injuries. This includes having dislocated her one of her knees 3 times and the other once. Jodie also had a shoulder injury.

And of course, we also had to tackle nutrition and her eating habits.

Jodie was a self-confessed UNDER eater!

Eating often less than 3 times a day and drinking maybe a glass of water a week! Jodie didn’t enjoy cooking and was a very fussy eater.

This as you can imagine was totally holding Jodie back in achieving her goals.

The thing with Jodie’s story is that it’s not uncommon!!

It’s believable. In fact, it’s very relatable.

The difference with Jodie’s story is not how it begins but how it ends.

This is the inspiring part.

Jodie didn’t let any of this stand in her way…

She didn’t let her injuries stop her from training, instead we just worked around them.

She didn’t let the fact that she had never lifted weights before, scare her away – Jodie completed 3 FIRE (Focused, Intense Resistance Exercise) programs.

Jodie didn’t let the fear of getting fat from eating more good quality food hold her back. Instead she embraced the change completing 2 Weight Loss Podcast Academy programs, where she could learn and understand why nutrition is so important.

She made mistakes...YES!!

She made many - but didn't let mistakes derail her progress. Jodie stayed accountable and as you can see – the results speak for themselves!!

Congratulations Jodie!!!!

Matt and I couldn’t be prouder of you.



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