5 Great Strategies to Speed Fat Loss

Courtney Ley

Losing weight is a slow hard process – we all know this by now.

It’s often an emotional, annoying, and frustrating process – usually at the same time!

So rather than talk about the hard stuff all the time – I though this week I’d share another article which has helped me so much.

If you are anything like me, you like to know the reason things happen. For too long I would try to just follow a food plan, eat what I was told would work and work out the way the magazine told me I should.

Well, as you can imagine that lasted for about 2 days for me.

I had no interest in what I was doing and the bigger problem – I had no idea WHY I was doing it.

I came to enjoy reading articles on how I could help my progress and WHY it was important.

This article is a must read...

5 Great Strategies To Speed Fat Loss



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