There sure are a lot of gyms, fitness centres, coaches, personal training studios and personal trainers out there!
It seems there’s a new gym in your suburb every couple of months, everyone you meet is getting certified as a PT…and to top it off the
internet Is chock-full of self-proclaimed weight-loss experts and gurus!

Working as Mentors to personal trainers and coaches over the years, we’ve found one common theme between the really good ones and the
ones who are struggling; walking the walk. It’s one thing as a coach or a trainer to ask your clients to do something, it’s another to ask them
to do something you do yourself.

Our credibility is on the line every day with what we say and what we do. We know you’re not dumb; we strive every single day to be
authentic and genuine. If we weren’t, you’d sniff us out pretty fast. it’s not too hard to spot a fraud in this industry!

Total Transformations has established a culture of successful results for our clients…and the people running the place. The shit
you’re going through and are desperate to change? Been there, done that. We believe in empowering and educating our clients. What’s the
point of achieving a fantastic transformation if you don’t know how to keep your results and continue improving for the rest of your life?